Contacts. Victoria Dini Art

If you want to work with me,

I’m glad, thank you! And there are a number of ways we can do it. 

In addition to the forms which are listed in the section For Clients, I am also happy to work on editorial assignments for the media. 

Also I give lectures and workshops on photo-art therapy as a way of self-help. It works well in different situations: for refugees who lost their homes, for so-called “troubled teenagers”, or for employees of big companies to prevent burnout. For now, I do it only in Russian, but I’m working on that nuisance.

You can book an art consultancy as well.

I currently live and shoot in London, UK, but I am always open to a business trip. 

And I am always open to collaboration. Feel free to contact me on any messenger you prefer or just fill in this form below. 


Telegram tavistok



For those who want to support my ongoing noncommercial projects — you can always use PayPal. And thank you!