Open lectures about phototherapy

I gave this series of lectures at the beginning of the pandemic, in spring 2020, on instagram, wanting to give friends and followers simple ways to help themselves in times of need — but I still get good feedback on them. 

So let them hang here and come in handy for those who need them. They’re free, and I’m always grateful for donates

Unfortunately, it’s in Russian and don’t have any translation, but someday I’ll be able to do it in English, too.

The first phototherapy lecture about self-portraits as a journey into yourself: why it’s hard to photograph yourself, why it’s helpful and how to overcome the difficulties

Open lectures about phototherapy (Ru). Victoria Dini Art

A second phototherapy lecture on how to work with archives and footage of places, people and events that are important to you, and what it can give you;  

how to shoot the world around you like a personal journey (yes, especially when you are sitting at home) and why you should do it;  

how to explore (and improve) relationships with someone or something through photography; 

in short, how to use photography as a tool to make you feel better

Open lectures about phototherapy (Ru). Victoria Dini Art

A third phototherapy lecture on how to explore yourself, your body and your world with respect, care and acceptance, and why this is especially difficult (and especially necessary) for women

Open lectures about phototherapy (Ru). Victoria Dini Art