Resource box (sold out)

I invented the resource box for those who are tired, for those who are overwhelmed by books, courses, knowledge, rational thinking, the habit of saving everything useful in bookmarks, buying courses and webinars — and yet do not rely on their body, on play and on joy in everyday life. It is precisely because you are overwhelmed.

Resource Box. Victoria Dini Art

In the rhythm of constant information consumption in which we live, it is valuable to be able to switch from the intellectual to the sensual. A resource box is a magical helper in this process. 

Completely offline and engaging your bodily sensations to the full: touch, look, hold. It’s made of phototherapy cards that help you daily and little by little to unload and nourish yourself through feelings and images. 

It massages and energises all sensory systems.

Unlike courses and books, these cards are made specifically for working with the low-resource state,

when everything is already at zero and there is no energy to perceive anything voluminous.

The cards are carefully designed to make working with them easy and restorative. You don’t have to choose anything — all you have to do is to pick one card for today. It’s a little art practice intended for the simple conditions of daily life, with no complexities or inaccessible introductions. No 'meditate in the sunset rays on Mount Fuji': it can be done right here and now, in the midst of the usual activities.

Like open a window into your garden and get some air.

There are twelve cards in the set — two for each sense organ (visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory, gustatory and mental)

One card tells you how to help yourself when this channel of perception is overloaded. The other tells you with what “vitamins” to nourish it when it is depleted. Overload and exhaustion often come in bunches. 

On the front of each card is a resourceful nurturing photo. It activates the imagination: on particularly stressful days, you just have to look at it. On the back are simple guidelines and supportive practices written in simple figurative language. You can do the one that catches your eye today and it’s enough to make you feel better.

It contains my many years of experience in restoring sensitivity in complex post-traumatic stress disorder: knowledge from books, seminars and many years of personal therapy. Plus experience as a writer and storyteller: I know how to make a text relaxing. Plus experience as an artist: I know how photographs affect the viewer’s state of mind and how to use these techniques ro relax.

The Resource Box kit includes:

  • 12 cards, 2 for each of the senses — visual, mental, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory 
  • handy box
  • card holder 
  • instructions, safety instructions and the author’s letter of technique.

The cards are made of plastic and are not afraid of interaction — you can take them in your bag or pocket, hold them in your hands and feel their weight. Careful: they are not designed to come into contact with water. The size of each card is 14.5 cm by 14.5 cm.

The entire run of the Resource Box is sold out and I have no plans to make any further editions. The Box 2 Edition is scheduled for release by December 2023, stay tuned

To pre-order a Resource box Vol 2,

please write your address and I will put you on the waiting list for the earliest discounted price. 


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