Prints: visual poetry

Pictures on walls are windows to other worlds. You can dive into them, be charged by them, feel their influence. I select all the works here according to this principle: that they should be charged with energy, like magical artefacts, so that they work as a portal and allow you to feel a connection. 

They do.

Just the information: I only do all my multi-exposures while shooting, it’s not computer post-processing. Most of the time I sew layered multi-exposures, with a micro-shift of the camera. It’s how I catch the world in a continuous, present continuous motion.

The impact of this slow world is best conveyed through the canvas. It is rough, tactile, warm; on canvas the work is not hidden by glass and is easier to engage with.

From the London love series

From the Demeter’s Dreams series

From Mr Peter’s Waterwind series

From the Tale of a Wanderer series

From the Resource Box series

From the Island Neverland series

(available only in small sizes)

From Mom’s Letters series

Sizes and prices

Prints are available in sizes 15×25, 20×30, 30×45. Some pieces are only available in small sizes because of technical characteristics of camera they made with.

When choosing a square, please note that in this case the proportions of the frame will change

Actual prices and BUY button would appeal soon, with a shipping to United Kingdom and European Union, and before this —

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